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INI Elite: The Victorious Future

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Furiosus, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. Furiosus

    Furiosus PS2 Distinguished commelite

    INI Elite is the best outfit on Miller.

    Fletch’s work to bring us where we are has been nothing short of outstanding. We’ve come so far from June 2012. Despite those who doubted early on and our small numbers, the phoenix rose from the ashes of PlanetSide 1 to a outfit of 50+ members with activity levels over 90%.

    Pella, your determination and drive has brought us to be the champions of Miller. Day in-day out your squad leading has raised and set the bar time and time again and kept play motivated. It’s my hope that your abilities will be gleaned by future INI SL’s.

    Steeldragon’s work on our website and our media has brought an edge of professionalism that is rare amongst gaming clans. With further developments, soon enough we will have web features that are also beyond any others.

    Of course quality shows through right down the ranks; we have those with deadly FPS ability who are known and feared by other empires. And our exceptional support players who it’s clear that we could not succeed against the odds and outfits, as we do, without.

    However, with all that said we still have a long, long road ahead of us to becoming the worlds best.

    Outfit Aim: Nexus
    Our long term goal now is to prepare for Nexus. Whether we compete in MLG or any other league, competitive PlanetSide 2 will take place on Nexus and the other battle islands, and it will be 48 versus 48. To be able to do this we’ll need a series of short term goals - steps, not all linear, to build us up for the challenge.

    Firstly, it is clear is that we need to carry on with recruitment. With current activity figures we wouldn’t need more than 80 players to field a platoon regularly, but I feel that around 100 would enable us to be more flexible. But, we are in no rush to meet these figures - quality over quantity. As of now, recruitment is invite only.

    Ranks & Roles
    More members means more work. The current team of members working on INI has been great, but I think it’s true that we've all had our work cut out for us. We’ll need all available hands on deck because the path to being champions

    We’re all adults, and while titles in a videogame don’t inherently deserve respect, the efforts and achievements of people do. It makes sense that rank’s within the INI Elite PS2 outfit should to reflect this, your contribution to the outfit. Because of this, ranks in INI are earned through roles. By assigning roles, the tasks needed to run INI can be performed with accountability, and those doing so earn the recognition they deserve.

    If you’re interested in taking on a further role PM me, or let me know on Mumble. If you have any suggestions or ideas for roles that haven’t been covered, look here and make a comment in the thread! Even if you the role you choose to take is to improve as member PlanetSide, it is always commendable to be working on your abilities a player.

    The outfit starts and finishes with you. You can all find your place.

    Strengthen Weaknesses, Refine Strengths
    Currently our infantry combat is excellent. There isn’t anyone on the server who could consistently beat us in an even infantry fight. However, there are many more elements to PlanetSide and subsequently Nexus that we have yet to master.
    We do not know what combinations will win Nexus, and as with everything in PlanetSide, flexibility is key.

    Vehicle Combat
    What we do know however is that vehicles will play a defining role. We know air dominance is essential to move forces, and that ground vehicles can quickly block positions.

    We’ve never really had to worry about our galaxies never making it to base - we fly too fast, and are unexpected. In Nexus the element of surprise will not be there, it’s likely we will find ourselves fighting to make it to the next base.

    Because of this we must learn how better to use these force multipliers, and overcome our unwillingness to use the unfamiliar and unproven methods. Doing this, learning new tactics and methods of play, will result in losses. We have to be prepared to experiment, and learn from failures. Possible losses now are worth success later.

    12v12 & 24v24 Scrim’s
    So, while our infantry work is great, that’s not to say it couldn’t get even better! By focusing on playing against skilled opponents we can continue to improve micro-elements in fights that better simulate what we will see on Nexus.

    Website & API Tools
    Without going into too much detail here, I have mentioned in the past ideas for a system that combines live PlanetSide 2 cert data with awards (based on in-game skill & performance) assigned to members by INI. This will let us instantly pull up lists of who-can-do-what and who’s-good-at-what. “Who can fly mossies?” will become a question of the past. Another system that would help the outfit is something that logs the played time of outfit members in a recent period, to better help us judge activity.

    To do this we will need a programmer or two with both the ability (I’m guessing PHP, Java, HTML, MySQL) & time to team up with Steeldragon and myself to work on this.

    Training & Wiki
    Because individual players are what makes the outfit, enabling and assisting improvement and progression on a individual level is vital. Key to this is the collective sharing of our knowledge. Much of what I know about PS2 has been learned from others, and I too have made discoveries.

    A Wiki is the ideal for this, but again its a task that will need the input and work of many. This is in progress, and even if you're not a coder, posting & working on tactics, guides, tips & tricks on the forums will all feed into this. Suggestions are not only welcomed by necessary, as INI members you all have earned yourself a voice to be heard.

    The Community
    INI began as, and will always be founded on a core of friendship. While our profile and styles may differ from game to game, the community and respect and appreciation for one another must remain.

    Fletch’s new position as Community Leader will no doubt move us towards wider success and strengthen our community. INI does not stop with PlanetSide 2, and in many years when the dust settles here INI will still be going. There’s lots of upcoming games which we’re all looking forward to - BF4, ArmA 3, GTA V and in the future Star Citizen to name but a few.

    As for myself
    I take my new position as Outfit Leader with great pride, and I must consider my own responsibility and roles. This means letting go to an extent of my own ego, and aligning my aims with those of the outfit. For now squad leading is not a priority - Pella does an excellent job, and diLLa and Raumance are up and coming. I love doing it, but there are many other tasks at hand.

    I believe that the challenge set for me now, and what my success as a leader will depend on is about utilising the the talent of INI members to enact ideas that will take us above and beyond competition.

    I’d love to hear your feedback, so for general comments post up in this thread. If it’s something to do with yourself or something you want to talk personally with me about, PM me or just ask on Mumble.
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  2. Magnamura

    Magnamura INI Community Community Member

    Primary Class:
    I highly recommend @zomg for this. I might be able to do some coding as well.
  3. Primarkka

    Primarkka PS2 Full Member Community Member

    Nice post, congratulations to the greatest of measure.

    However, I laughed.

  4. AmorphiumTR

    AmorphiumTR PS2 Trialist

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  5. Farsenir

    Farsenir PS2 Full Member

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    Awesome post. Hope to be part of the revolution!
  6. Raumance

    Raumance PS2 Distinguished Community Member

    Primary Class:
    Heavy Assault
    Good shit poopin, fucking a man, I like it.

    Like I said I don't think invite only is good as most members join from other outfits it's not really viable to be constantly poaching for other outfits's members.
  7. Raiche

    Raiche PS2 Full Member Community Member

    Im a developer working on everything from java php mvc 4 entityframework crystal etc in banking & insurance but until october im probably swamped working enough overtime as is.

    Had thoughts about the api a while back basically we want some limits kills/ played in say a mossie for you to turn up as qualified?
    Played time might be tricky as ive we'd need to keep running pull on the soe api and ive read it often gives false data. So own db pull played time if possible then a daily diff that we put in a aggregatet table and generate a report. Easy enough but depends on soe api being reliable
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  8. Steeldragon

    Steeldragon Community Admin Community Leader

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    awesome post Ferugi. Together we can accomplish anything!
  9. Suikoden

    Suikoden PS2 Distinguished Community Member

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    Sieg Heil! Heil Furiosus!

    Now on the serious note i hope we can practice our play when nexus hits live so it would be awesome if everybody would look back and think what they do best and what they need to improve on.
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  10. mehuk

    mehuk INI Community Community Member

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    Heavy Assault
    I am learning or should I say starting to learn PHP, SQL and Java... ive fiddled with them all before, did a stretch :p ... but now ive actually bought the reading materials to learn properly, rather than butcher code and chop and change stuff on the fly.

    So in that sense, I can try to help someone more experienced with the coding stuff... even if I do the grunt work to take the load of the experienced developer, happy to do so as it will increase my knowledge as well.

    Outside of that, cracking post - proud to be part of INI both as a PS2 member and the community... thanks to all involved :tr:
  11. zomg

    zomg INI Community commelite

    If I have the time for it, perhaps. Not sure if I have the time to really start working on something like that but I could certainly give a hand with any technical issues that may arise.
  12. PELLA

    PELLA PS2 Full Member

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    Light Assault
    I was drunk when i wrote this.

    Epic post.

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  13. Merrin

    Merrin PS2 Distinguished commelite

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    Heavy Assault
    Sounds great Furiosus, looking forward to it. Grats for the promotion, and many thanks to Fletch for leading the outfit up to this point!
  14. SniperReflex

    SniperReflex PS2 Full Member Community Member

    Cardiff, Wales, Uk.
    Primary Class:
    Awesome post, really looking forward to seeing the clan move forward!

    Nexus... here we come.
  15. Dotz0r

    Dotz0r PS2 Distinguished Community Veteran

    So let me guess, truth is.

    Furious made a coup for power using manshack as an inside job, toppling the kim-jung fletch regime and putting him under house arrest in the community house. Using the Aim of nexus to divert the publics attention from INI's economic woes sort of like the falklands to the argies.... causing support for the tin-pot dictator furiosus and his merry band of followers despite love and affection for the the tyrant of TR thefletch still teething in the downtrodden hearts of many. Who will sorely be missed as he vacations on his community island paid by his extensive off-shore account. Loyalists by pella seek to win a crucial battle over furiosus on PTS sometime soon in which the best team wins and could change history for ever......

    Its a all a conspiracy! where is my tin-foil hat!

    Just kidding.

    It was a real nice post, Nice to see INI going forward and not backwards. I hope you do well - really mean that, its been appalling as of late to witness so many outfits begin to fold across multiple factions. When INI get to platoon strength, that will be the day i am really glad to be TR and not the peasant factions.

    although i think AZON is best outfit on TR. seriously. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  16. IronMole

    IronMole INI Community Community Member

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  17. Fletch

    Fletch INI Community Leader commelite

    UK, Birmingham
    Primary Class:
    I read the draft of this when Furiosus was still writing it up in a Google doc, and it gave me even more confidence that I handed over the reigns of the outfit over to the right person.

    We go back a long way. I joined INI just after Furiosus, over 10 years ago now, when he was known as Dominus. He was always opne of the better players in the outfit, and one of the most active, but that probably had something to do with the fact he was a bedroom bound dosser. He'd always push for that little bit extra to get the advantage over everyone, like overclocking his USB ports so that his mouse was more responsive.

    Enough of the love story, anyway.

    I made the decision to step down as Outfit Leader in the interest of the outfit's goals. I haven't been very active in PS2 since I went on holiday last month. I've also been played other games. There's more than just PS2 on my "game radar", and INI is a multi-gaming community, therefore, not everyone focuses on the same game all of the time.

    I'm proud to say that I was Outfit Leader of INI Elite. We've come a long way from just being a squad a five or six, back in tech test. We're a good sized community now and we're made a name for ourselves. We are damn good at PS2, we really are, but there's still work to do. As your ability gets higher, so do your expectations, meaning that things only get harder, and goals can become more difficult to reach.

    So, for me, I'm handing over the baton to someone who understands the game better than I do, who is more active and although I hate to admit it, someone who is a better shot than I am. Furiosus will bring new ideas to the outfit and will freshen things up, which in-turn, should re-ignite some old fires that may have gone out.

    Fletch, out.
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  18. Doctore

    Doctore PS2 Full Member Community Veteran

    Primary Class:
    this must be the funniest thing I've heard in a long while :D
  19. diLLa

    diLLa PS2 Full Member Community Member

    Primary Class:
    Good luck with your new role, although I'm sure you will do great!
  20. Ashalak

    Ashalak PS2 Full Member Community Veteran

    Primary Class:
    Heavy Assault
    Awesome post mate, I have every faith in you that you'll lead the outfit forward in PS2 whilst maintaining the pride and integrity of INI Elite in itself. You've been committed to this longer than anyone else here, and so I know you'll do what's needed to be done!

    Let us not forget we wouldn't be here without Fletch (Among others), so big thanks goes to him as always - Top man! ;)

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